Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shop Across America

Homestead Collection, Findlay Ohio

Spent last week with three of my favorite gals on our 19th annual "Shop Across America" (which is only Ohio! lol) For the past 19 years we have taken 4-6 days out of the years to spend stopping at every antique and country gift shoppe we can find.....thanks to the Country Register, antique brochures and kind shop keepers that guide our trip.

Jeffrey's....our favorite antique store, Findlay Ohio

Here's a run down of our trip (as I remember it)....Findlay Ohio for Homestead Collection, Jeffrey's Antiques & Early American Home, Tipp City for antiquing, Waynesville to shop the entire village and eat lunch at the Hammel House (their coconut creme pie is amazing!), Washington Court House for North Shore Primitives, Newark for the Old Crow (was closed to prepare for their open house) and Longaberger, Berlin to shop the entire village, Seville for antiquing and Ohio Wholesale then back to Findlay for Mason's Merchantile and a few other new stops....I know there's more, but I can't remember it all!

Early American Home, Findlay Ohio

Jann, Linda, Debbie and I made lots of great memories as we always do, had some good wine and watched some funny movies. Next year for our 20th, we are contemplating Pennsylvania! A whole new adventure!

The Wooden Sunflower, Waynesville Ohio (Manya makes the most amazing candles)
Slipped in a little work (if you want to call it that) while on our trip. Had store interviews with Michelle at The Homestead Collection and Barb at Early American Home for the Gather Dream Create Inner Circle.

Trips like this are good medicine...and the break I needed. I am blessed to have these gals in my life and blessed to be able to enjoy a trip like this every year.

Til next time,

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This was so amazing...I got chill bumps! The song, the music, the voice and the beat is incredible but what struck me the most is out of all those kids...for the length of that song they were ONE.

They were working together...they were all NEEDED to make it work....they put aside their differences and became one for the sake of music.....simply beautiful.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Unicorns do exist!

You may have already seen this video as it's been out for a few years now but I still find it hilarious. I wanted to give you a laugh today.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kindred Spirits

Have you ever met a group of ladies that you instantly became friends with and as you visit and get to know one another, you realize they love everything you love, they love to shop at the same antique and primitive shops you do, so on and so on?

Well, I am blessed to have become friends with the Holly Hookers! Dawn Rossell of Holly Hills Primitives in Holly, Michigan hosts a weekly rug hooking gathering at her wonderfully primitive shop. I make it out to visit and work on my punchneedle as much as possible....I wish I could go every week! It's good medicine.

This week as we were all working (not that it's work in the least) and talking it seemed everything someone said, someone else could relate to. Or someone would mention an antique store in Ohio and three others would say, "oh yeah, I love that shop" or do you know so and so? Oh yeah she........
It was awesome. It made the world seem small.

Thanks ladies for being so welcoming, thanks for the good conversations and thanks for just being YOU!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Hole in Our Hearts

We lost our beloved Buster early last Monday morning. He was only 9, but those years were so full of fun and love. I have never met a dog quite like Buster. Boxers are notorious for thinking they are human and they are certainly the most humorous dog breed I've ever come across as well.

Buster had a host of health issues in his short life. His spine was fusing together so he got to where he couldn't run and play like he use to. He was on steroids for a couple of years to help him with the pain and in the meantime contracted a bone infection that went on and on. He was on an antibiotic for over a year as well. Every time the antibiotic would run out, he would get sick.

Recently, though, we had renewed hope for Buster. We took him off the steroid because he had gained a lot of weight and was constantly, we knew his body needed a break from the drug. Since he was off the steroid, the antibiotic worked and the bone infection disappeared! He was in good health and he didn't seem to be in pain so we left him off the steroid.

A few months of being drug-free, he had a seizure. It was a short one, but scary nonetheless.  However, last Sunday night, he had a seizure that he never came out of. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed and the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. It was midnight Sunday night and we struggled to find a vet at that late hour. Without going into details, it was all Buster could take and he had to leave us.

Many of you have pets that you love like children and you can relate to my pain while others may think I'm being ridiculous, but either way, I want to share some "Buster moments" with you....partly as a healing process for me but also to share with you the wonderful life Buster gave to his family.

  • When Buster was just a puppy, he was standing on the porch at my studio and a leaf fell from the tree and landed in front of him. He quickly backed up and started lunging at it barking as if it was something dangerous.
  • He would chase and jump at the red dot from the laser light...cutest thing ever ;)
  • When Daisy would bark at someone going down the road, Buster would push her out of the way and bark at her as if to say, "back up, I got this"
  • When the car alarm or smoke detector would go off, Buster would howl like a wolf.
  • Buster use to attack the vacuum.
  • Buster would unwrap his own Christmas presents.
  • He snored like an adult man!
  • Buster always had to have a paw on you while you were petting him.
  • He would jump like a bunny when he barked.
  • When I would get up in the morning, he would pace the floor behind me while I made coffee because he couldn't wait to be fed.......and if I sleep a little too late, he would paw at our bedroom door.
  • In the morning while I would get ready for the day, Buster would follow me from room to room waiting for me so he could "go to work" with me.
  • He knew when it was 5pm......his tummy would tell him so and he would start pestering me to go up to the house to be fed.
  • He had a pink pig squeaker and we would say "I'm goona get that squeaker" and he would whine and never got of the most fun things we did with him.
  • He loved to snuggle.
  • My friend, Renee, was dog-setting Buster and Daisy at her house a few years back in the wintertime. In the morning, she got up to let her dog and ours outside. Sebastian and Daisy took off outside and Buster stopped and looked at her as if to say "really? but it's so cold outside" so she closed the door and he jumped on her bed so they could snuggle. (this story always cracks me up because we never let our dogs on the furniture, so he just loved his Renee)
The stories could go on and on......I may add more as I remember them just so we will never forget. I didn't realize at the time how much his presence at work meant to me. I am often by myself at the studio but Buster's breathing (and snoring) kept me company. 

I take comfort in the fact that we will see Buster again some day....along with our other faithful companions. Even though it's very sad when they are gone, I always say, "I'd rather have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."

Enjoy every moment with your furry friends and more importantly, your family and friends. You never know when the good Lord will call them home.

My Uncle JR and Buster. This was November 2004 when we were in Missouri for Thanksgiving. My cousin Shelly and her husband, Harold, bred boxers. Buster was a pup in the last litter before Harold passed away.

Told you he was a snuggler ;)

I am adding a video below to show you how he would play with his squeaker. It's kind of loud so turn down the volume.