Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my first attempt

at cross stitch! Thanks a million to my generous best bud, Jann. She was so patient and thorough when showing me how to cross stitch last night. She created this cute lil' primitive jack o' for me to learn with since there are only three colors and not much detail. She also had me stitching on Klostern until I get the hang of it, then we will move to 32 ct linen. I plan to stitch two of these before moving to linen just to make sure I know it well. 

Once I stitch this adorable lil' guy onto linen, I should be ready to start transferring my punchneedle designs into cross stitch patterns! Yahoo! I am very inspired and really enjoyed sitting under Jann's grape arbor stitching, visiting and sharing a glass of pinot......until the mosquitoes ran us off!

Thanks again, Jann! Looking forward to our next class ;)

new on Etsy

I finished 8 prints on wood this week and they are up for sale at Etsy. I really love these pieces....they look as if they are painted on the wood, no frame necessary, and the matte finish keeps the glare down so you can see the print in any light! Check them out here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

great friends, great times!

Another great year!! For the past 6 years Kevin and I have been blessed to  join a group of our closest friends for a kid-free weekend together at a cabin on the lake. It has changed to three different cabins over the years but we are blessed enough to have options. We start the day with a monstrous breakfast, drink tons of coffee, clean up our mess, throw on our suits and off to the water we go! We take the pontoon boat out and tie our flotilla to it and just chill in the water all afternoon....coming in only to eat! This year we had a speed boat as well so some of them when skiing and tubing. (not me......I'm not quite as adventerous as I use to be) We top off the night with another great meal, music and a bonfire.

It's good medicine to be so relaxed in the company of great friends! Thank you Chris, Bob and Theresa for the use of your family cabin for the weekend, we truly appreciate it!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

be hospitable......

14x20 acrylic over collage papers on birch plywood
©Teresa Kogut 
print available at my Etsy shop
I thought the article below was a good explanation of this scripture so I decided to share it with you. (my painting features the New American Standard Bible verse which is worded differently than in the article below, but the meaning is the same)
What Does it mean that, 'Some Have
Entertained Angels Unawares?'

-by Tony Warren

Hebrews 13:1-2
  • "Let brotherly love continue.
  • Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares".
    There are two things that we should understand when searching for the truth of this verse. Number one, the word angel here is the Greek word [aggelos], meaning messenger, and is the "exact" same word translated messenger throughout scripture. Example: 
Luke 7:24
  • "And when the messengers of John were departed, he began to speak unto the people concerning John, What went ye out into the wilderness for to see? A reed shaken with the wind?"
That word translated Messengers is the "exact same" word translated angels. It's talking about people, not angelic beings. 

Number two, the word translated "entertain strangers" is the Greek word [philoxenox], meaning to be friendly to those who you don't know. It's taken from the root words [philos] meaning friend, and [xenos] which here means someone with whom you are not acquainted. This is the only place where this is translated "entertain strangers", it's normal translation is hospitality. This verse is saying always be hospitable or "friendly to those who you do not know" because thereby some have entertained (or hosted) messengers. All believers are God's Messengers [aggelos] (translated angels), and some have been a guest of another believer who was unaware that they were the Chosen of God. But the Hospitality which Christians show is to all men, that the Love of God shows in their good conduct. In fact, that Greek word [xenos] in certain contexts can mean any of three things. It can mean a stranger (alien), or by implication a guest (being a stranger in your household), or by extension a host (entertaining or be a host to a stranger to your household). 

We can use the understanding of this word as a goad for us, that in all we do, we show forth the love or charity which Christ has shown to us. For we may not know which of these roles we may be in at any time. Whether a guest, or a host, or a stranger ourselves, in any role we find ourselves we should be neighborly and charitable. This is what is so often hard for some Christians to do. It's not coincidental that when we read of what is required of Christians, this virtue is given a lofty platform.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

feelin' blessed

Thank you Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine for featuring me in your September 2012 issue! Aimee did a fantastic job on the 3-page article/interview. She included some great photos as well. Also, I designed a free punchneedle pattern exclusively for this issue and will not be available in the stores for at least a year so make sure you pick up your copy now! Here is the link.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Congratulations to Troy Hanna and Angela Kogut! This past Saturday, July 21, they were married. It was a beautiful wedding and the reception took place by a lake where they lit lanterns in celebration of their new life together. May God bless your marriage with much love and happiness!

great week!

Cousins, Trey & Ryan

Last week our family from Missouri came to visit.....it had been 7 years since they were last here! My Aunt stayed at my parent's house and my cousin, Shelly and her son Trey, stayed at our house. The weather was hot and humid (in the 90s but it has been in the 100s in Missouri). We had an amazing time visiting, going to the Imax theater, having cookouts, etc. So happy they came and hope it's not another 7 years before they come again!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

new, new, new

20" x 20" acrylic over collage papers
©Teresa Kogut, all rights reserved

I have a new favorite!! It's funny, when I had this drawn and ready to paint, I didn't like her face...especially her eyes, but as I worked and worked it with paints, she came to life! I love her face now! I also love the black hair with blue highlights.

After looking at my last few angels, I decided I needed to get back to the color palette I am most comfortable with and what I am known for.....more earthy, rich warm hues. I have been using a lot of turquoise lately so this lil' darlin' is red, black, mustard and coral.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

lovin' this....

"Give Me Jesus"
14x20 acrylic over scrapbook papers
©Teresa Kogut, all rights reserved

Quote art or Word art.....not sure what it's called, but I LOVE IT!!!! I could paint one of these every day! So fun and love all the texture! I have another one on the easel now......gotta get to it! Enjoy your day :)

up north

Looking out over Long Lake in Hale MI

 Harley spent most of the weekend searching for fish :)

 A view of the cabin we stayed at for the weekend

I assume many times that when I say "up north" everyone knows what I am talking about forgetting that this term is second nature to only Michiganders. Northern Michigan is known for it's plethora of lakes, rivers, beautiful forests, sandy beaches, quaint artsy touristy towns, sand dunes, waterfalls, lighthouses and wildlife. But it is an escape or get away for all who live in Michigan. Many people own cabins "up north" and travel every weekend to their piece of paradise. Some have campers and tote it "up north" to experience different destinations of the great outdoors and then there are some that either have friends/family that live in northern Michigan or they simply stay at a beautiful resort or hotel........but what I can tell you is that it is a must for all Michiganders at least once in the summer to make the 2-4 hour trip "up north".

And that is exactly what we did this past weekend. We were invited by dear friends to stay at their cabin for the weekend and the highlight was a Saturday afternoon canoe trip.....of 47 people!!! (17 at the cabin pictured above and 30 at another cabin nearby) We floated down the Ausable River stopping several times to swim, eat and just visit while taking in nature's beauty. It was a gorgeous sunny day in the 80s...perfect. 

I didn't take many pictures as I didn't want to risk taking my camera on the water but the few I posted gives you an idea of the beauty that surrounded us. If you ever get a chance to visit northern Michigan, it will be an experience you won't soon forget.

I found this description of Michigan and thought it was beautifully written:

About Michigan

The State of Michigan is a state blessed with the riches of unspoiled nature: the world's longest freshwater coastline, lakes that feel like oceans, shimmering beaches, miles and miles of cherry orchards, glorious sunrises and sunsets, daytime skies of the deepest blue, nighttime skies scattered with stars.

Home to more than 100 public beaches, some of the highest freshwater sand dunes in the world, stunning multi-colored sandstone cliffs, two National Lakeshores and the only national marine sanctuary in the Great Lakes--the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Lake Huron. More than 100 lighthouses, numerous maritime museums, ten shipwreck-diving preserves and historic military fortifications rim Michigan's Great Lakes shoreline.

Lakes, campgrounds, wildlife refuges and 99 Michigan state parks and recreation areas create a wide variety of recreational pursuits. Rivers for water sports, and thousands of miles of hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling trails thread their way among some 100 species of trees.
Long days, relaxing weather and more than 800 pristine Michigan courses make for the perfect tee time. Because being able to play all day is Pure Michigan.

Hundreds of islands dot Michigan waters. Isle Royale National Park is a remote wilderness retreat in Lake Superior where wolves and moose roam free. Mackinac Island, located in the Straits of Mackinac, is a lush 19th-century resort community fixed firmly in the Victorian era, a car-free island dominated by an 18th-century fort and the more than a century-old Grand Hotel, America's largest summer resort hotel.

The Upper Peninsula, which is 90 percent forested, retains its aura of accessible wilderness. Vast wildlife and waterfowl refuges, 150 waterfalls, iron and copper mines, the Soo Locks (where ocean-going freighters make the 21-foot leap from Lake Superior to Lake Huron) are within an easy drive of one another.

The State of Michigan offers a near infinite array of moments that live forever in memory. Come find out what Pure Michigan feels like.

Friday, July 6, 2012


acrylic over scrapbook papers
20" x24" (partial photo)
©Teresa Kogut

It's been a fun yet busy summer so far! This week we went to Evart, Michigan to watch my husbands, Beatles tribute band, SHOUT! At the end of their last song the fireworks started just on the other side of the football field! It was beautiful!

The next day we celebrated the USA's birthday with a cookout at our friend's house and tonight we leave for "up north" to enjoy a canoe trip with friends! Fun, Fun, Fun! 

In between all the fun, I am working as you can see..."Merciful" is my latest painting.

Hope you are enjoying your summer too!

Monday, July 2, 2012

new month, new give away!

This is one that everybody could use. Twenty, yes, twenty greeting cards with envelopes. I have a very large stash of greeting cards that I have designed over the past 10, 11, 12 years....can't remember how far back it goes. I couldn't possibly use them all so I thought I would share them with you! Birthday, anniversary, wedding, get well, new home,  new baby, first communion....you name it, it's in there! All you have to do to enter is comment below or join my facebook page and comment there....heck, comment on both and I'll enter you twice! Post my give away to your facebook page or blog and I will enter you a third time! Thanks for entering and good luck!


June's winner for the 8x10 angel print "Pray" is my friend from high school, 


Congratulations, Jeff!