Tuesday, December 27, 2011

more inspiration from zig

ambition + perserverence + determination = a better you

Walking or Jogging for Health

By Zig Ziglar

In 1972, I weighed well over 200 pounds and my career was moving ahead very, very slowly.  I decided I needed to do something about my weight and my health but, frankly, I didn’t realize that career and family benefits would also come my way.  I started jogging and eating sensibly, and though it took me about nine months to really get enthusiastic about my lifestyle change, results began to show within the first month.  The weight started dropping, my endurance and energy levels increased and, finally, after over nine months, the enjoyment breakthrough came.
I was in Portland, Oregon, jogging on Portland State University Campus.  It was “high noon” and I had a seminar to conduct later that day.  As I was jogging, it suddenly occurred to me that I was actually enjoying myself.  It was fun.  I was breathing easily and literally enjoying every step of my run. 
That day I changed my vocabulary.  For years I’d been telling people with passion in my voice that you had to “pay the price” if you were going to be successful.  Today I tell people, “You don’t pay the price for success—you pay the price for failure.  You enjoy the benefits of success.  You don’t pay the price to build a good marriage; you enjoy the benefits of that good marriage.  You don’t pay the price for good health; you enjoy the benefits of good health.”
It’s amazing what the change in vocabulary can do for the enjoyment of what you do.  When I was in my 70’s my doctor, Dr. Ken Cooper, switched me from jogging to walking, I walked at a very brisk pace and, have maintained my weight and my energy level is unusually high.  My resting heart rate is 48, my cholesterol level is 152, and my blood pressure is 126 over 62.  That’s the reason I am convinced beyond any doubt that you really do enjoy the benefits of taking care of yourself.   Think about it.  Take care of you, and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

hope for the world

Wishing you all a very
and a healthy, happy and prosperous

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

from zig

Why I Believe in Christmas

By Zig Ziglar

It’s the first Christmas I can remember. It arrived just seven weeks after the deaths of my father and baby sister. To make matters worse, it was in the heart of the Great Depression. Things were tough. All of us children who were older made what income contributions we could, but the truth was my mother had eight of her eleven remaining children still living at home, and six were too young to work. Understandably, the Ziglar kids were concerned about what kind of Christmas it would be!
The good news is that though our grief was fresh, we still celebrated Christmas. We received no toys that year, but much to my delight in my gift box I found three English walnuts and something I had never tasted before—raisins! They were absolutely delicious.  Mama prepared her wonderful molasses candy and we had a small cedar tree. And my mother read the Christmas story, like she always did.
My sixth Christmas will always have great meaning to me. We celebrated the birth of Christ even in hard times because we believed in Christmas.
Unfortunately, over the years things have changed. The cheerful “Merry Christmas” of yesteryear has been replaced by the politically correct “Happy Holidays!” In the minds of many people we celebrate “holidays.” Not only is Christ not at the center of the celebration, he isn’t even considered to be the reason for the season!

If I seem upset about the changes that I see taking place in regard to Christmas, it is because I am! It’s not because an old tradition is being changed. No, I’m upset that the event that made it possible for me to have a life I could never have imagined is being hidden from view with decorations, wrapping paper, parties and political correctness!
You see, I believe it’s worth celebrating that Jesus came to earth—His birth signaled hope for all mankind. I believe that as he lived out a perfect life before God and mankind, he showed that he truly was God’s Son. And I believe that by giving his life up on a cross, he completely paid the penalty that my sins—and yours—deserve before a holy God. And it was made possible because of that first Christmas.

How could I not believe in Christmas? Because Christ was born as a baby in a manger, that’s more than enough reason to celebrate Christmas for what it is—a joyful occasion.  I’ve experienced forgiveness of my sins and have the assurance of eternity in Heaven!
If you don’t know Jesus Christ, let me say that He tells us in John 14:6, “I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  How do you do that? First, understand that I’m talking about a relationship, not a religion. All the world’s major religions emphasize that you qualify for heaven by your good works—the things that you do. Such “religion” is spelled “d-o.” Christianity is spelled “d-o-n-e.” Christ already paid for our sins when He died on the cross. “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). And he rose from the grave proving that the punishment for our sins was fully paid.
Nothing we could ever “do” could qualify us for God’s forgiveness and reserve our place in heaven.  That’s why Christ himself said, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him who he has sent” (John 6:29).
God forgives us, saves us from our sins, and gives us eternal life based on our belief in what Jesus did for us. Why? Because God is gracious beyond measure! The Bible says that it is “…by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works…” (Ephesians 2:8-9). Though “the wages of sin is death” [eternal separation from God], the greatest Christmas gift we could ever have is “the free gift of God…eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

With gift-giving like that from God, I don’t want to lose the significance of Christmas. I believe in Christmas!
I urge you to accept the greatest “Christmas gift” you’ll ever receive: If you’re convinced that God’s way is the only way to meaningful life now and eternal life in heaven, you can tell him in words like these…“Dear God, I do believe Jesus died for me, and took the punishment my sins deserved. I want to receive your free gift of salvation and eternal life. Thank you for making this possible!”
Then join me this year in celebrating Christmas like you’ve never celebrated it before!
Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

on the wall....

Art always looks better on the wall in a beautiful room! I always wanted to show my art like this...it gives people a better sense of how the painting might look on their own wall. Sooooooo, with the magic of the internet, I searched for rooms that would suit my style of art, downloaded the photo, then using photoshop, I placed my artwork on the wall. LOVE how they turned out!

You may be wondering why I don't just hang my paintings on the walls in my house to photograph them.....well, for one, this way provides me with several different styles of decor, two, the photography is way better than I could do, three, it was quicker than me taking the paintings up to the house and rearranging the art and other wall decor I already have hanging (putting more holes in the wall), four, I don't have an awesome brick wall in my bedroom like the above photo, five, I don't have a fire place...which is my favorite place for a painting to hang...must I go on????

Hope you like these as much as I do :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

teaching at sauder village this summer

I am so excited to announce that I will be teaching a workshop in 2012 during "Rug Hooking Week" in historical Sauder Village! Check out this link for all the details! It is sure to be a fun learning experience!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

december give away....

another beautiful wall hanging from Heritage Lace. All you have to do to enter is comment below or on my facebook page the answer to the following question.........what is on your Christmas list this year?? Drawing will be held January 2....good luck!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

oh what a deal!

Ok...we are winding down 2011....have you ordered your 2012 calendar yet??? Actually I sold out early this year but I quickly called Amcal and they are sending me the last 20 calendars!

Here's the deal.....

Starting today, for every calendar ordered, you will receive 5 free Legacy greeting cards!! That is quite a value...and who doesn't need some spare greeting cards lying around for the occasion that "surprises" you. Click here to order.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

call me crazy.....

....but guess what I did???? Last week, I signed up to be a Mary Kay independent sales consultant!!! I know what you are thinking......why? how will you find time?......I know, I know....it does seem a lil' crazy but here is how I came to my decision.

I have been using MK products for over a year now. I was invited to a friend's party, then a friend booked from that party and so on. I have been to more MK parties over the past year than I can even recall. Every time I have been to a party, our MK sales consultant, Lynn, would tell us how she got started and share all the benefits of becoming a MK consultant. I will admit, at first, I didn't pay much attention knowing this was not something I was interested in......I would think, I have no time, I am not a sales person, etc.....little did I know the seed was planted.

The more shows I went to, the closer I payed attention. I kept hearing phrases such as, flexible schedule, work when you want, inexpensive to join, no annual minimum sales required, 50% off your personal orders, average take-home income from home show $250-350, up to 13% commission checks earned when you start building your team AND when you make sales director, you earn a new car - MK pays the title, tax and 80% of your insurance!!

With all the monetary perks set aside, there are other reasons I considered joining.....meeting people. I work in my studio by myself every day - which I love and I'm not complaining because I am very focused when painting, however, I miss the "social" part of having a job. Every MK party I've been to has been so much fun. Let's face it, what woman isn't happy when trying new skin care products and makeup with all her friends?!?!?!

Back in April 2011 I almost joined then..still, I kept thinking the same thing.....time, where would I find the time to sell MK??? Recently, I had a show at my home the Friday before Halloween. The following day I thought, "what do I have to lose?" Nothing. I can start by working a few hours a couple times a week on my MK business and if nothing else, at least get the products I love 50% off.....but I really want that car!!! So there you have it.......I am now a Mary Kay independent sales consultant :)

Oh, one last thing....Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay, is such an remarkable and admirable business woman that can inspire all of us to become stronger, more confident women in everything we do......this quote is the foundation of her success:


Friday, December 2, 2011

november give away winner.......

YAY Lisa!!! Congratulations, you won the beautiful Heritage Lace wall hanging! Lisa use to live next door and babysat me and my brother back when I was too young to remember it!! Then when I was a teenager, I babysat her daughter a few times! I have to tell you, thanks to facebook, Lisa and I have reconnected! She lives in North Carolina now and I am still in Michigan...so glad you won, Lisa!