Tuesday, November 20, 2012

happy thankgiving

©Teresa Kogut, all rights reserved

I have soooo much I want to share with you all......from our new "girls" (we have adopted four chickens) to what is going on in the studio!!! Time is so hard to come by for me right now that I just haven't had the time to post lately. I am excited about some new endeavors and will update you on those sometime in December. The next three weekends I have shows so I will be busy getting prepared for those but I will do my best to keep in touch throughout all the activities. I just have to post pics and share some chicken stories with you soon though.....after Thanksgiving. 

Our house will be bursting at the seams with love and laughter this Thanksgiving! We have never fed 33 people before! That's a record for the Kogut family!  So I will end this post with what I am most thankful for......my family.....and Jesus......and my friends.......and our freedom...and our military people......and all of the blessings God has given us.....ok, I think that covers it....just so ya know, you are one those blessings. Thank you for following along with my blog even though my thoughts and posts can be erratic.

Monday, November 12, 2012

God Bless our Veterans

Fallen Soldier is Carried Home by an Angel - a Beautiful Veterans Tribute from ourgodisforus on GodTube.

As we go on day to day, we sometimes take for granted all that our veterans have done for us, past and present....putting their lives and dreams on hold in order to protect the freedoms of all Americans. What a selfless act. Let us be mindful of their sacrifice and respectful of their lives by living our lives as responsible, respectful, loving, caring people and not taking our freedom for granted......nor abusing it


Thursday, November 8, 2012

finding focus

"Wrapped in Friendship"
8x10 watercolor
©Teresa Kogut, all rights reserved

Do you have trouble finding time in everyday to get done not only what NEEDS to be done but working towards large goals/projects for the future??? Argh, me too. I have two businesses....well, you could say three. One is my licensing business, two is my pattern business and three is promoting/selling my work retail through my website, Etsy, American-Artists.com, and various shows. I find it VERY challenging to give each one of these the time they need to be successful. There are too many days when I let my business dictate my direction..not good. (obviously, some days will be like that when there is a fire to put out) If I come to work and just go from one thing to the next with no plan, at the end of the day I feel like I worked my tush off, but didn't accomplish anything. Sure, I filled my retail orders, answered emails, updated my social media status (and that sure can suck you in and before you know it, an hour has passed by) and hopefully worked on a painting or punchneedle pattern. But I have big goals and exciting plans for my future and if I don't specifically set time aside for these endeavors, I will never get there.

Sooooo, here is my plan and hopefully this might help you as well in organizing your day.

* early morning (while Ryan is getting ready for school I have about an hour) I work on punchneedle or work on a watercolor painting....my goal for Nov/Dec is to paint one watercolor a day within 2 hours

*Arriving at the studio, I finish my daily watercolor painting, then answer emails and fill retail orders

*Set timer for social media...allowing 1/2 hour for FB, pinterest, twitter, etc.

*1 hour to update blog (this I only do 2-3 times a week) but I an now keeping a notebook of blogging ideas so I don't feel like "oh my gosh, I haven't updated my blog in 4 days, what can I talk about!?!?!?!?!"
 NOTE: on the days I don't update my blog, I spend that time updating my website, Etsy, American-Artists.com, and my new avenue Artsyhome.com

*Mondays and Fridays I devote to my pattern business. I sell punchneedle and rug patterns but I am adding cross stitch and applique patterns to the mix so I need to be spending more time achieving those goals.....Next TNNA show is in March!

*Wednesdays and Thursdays are spent painting acrylic paintings <3 p="p">

*Tuesdays.......I reserve Tuesday to work on a new adventure (and will probably do this on some Saturdays as well until I get it up and running) more info to come on this at a later date. It is a fresh new fun and exciting idea but I don't know how long it's going to take to set up so I am keeping it hush, hush for now :)

*As an artist, I always have my sketchbook nearby....you never know when an idea will strike! Seriously, I try to sketch SOMETHING everyday....when, you ask? while cooking dinner, while waiting for a Dr. appt, etc or just sit down for 20 minutes and sketch whatever pops in your mind, sometimes those turn out to be the best ideas or will spark a series of related ideas.

When I stick to this plan, I feel such a sense of accomplishment! Oh and a great tip from Mary Kay....before you leave the studio or office every day, the last thing you do is make a list of 5 things you HAVE to do the next morning.....you don't do anything else until these 5 things are done and with laser focus, it doesn't take too awful long.

Here is an interesting article about time management mistakes via Mind Tools.

Had to chuckle at this article because I get caught up in this sometimes...helpful info from ArtBizBlog

Stay focused and accomplish great things

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

its our right......

It is a basic American right! Let nothing stop you today.....get out and vote!


Monday, November 5, 2012

new give away!

Enter to win this 8x10 angel print. This give away will run from today until December 15th. I will be taking some time off for Christmas and will start the monthly give away program again in January. All you need to do is post a comment and tell us what is the best Christmas gift you have ever received. Thanks for entering and good luck!


October's give away winner is


Congratulations! Email your address so I can mail your garden flag. Thanks for entering!

Linda's home show

Back from my friend's home show in Port Huron Michigan.  She had a great turn out. People came from all over Michigan to shop. Linda spent a couple of weeks getting ready for the show..... removing almost everything in her beautiful home to make room for all the items for sale. Bob and Peggy from Wren in the Willow country store transformed Linda's home with many great Christmas treasures.  I set up my full booth with my art and Jann's totes/jewelry.  What a great time we had together. A big thank you to Dick and Linda for opening up your home for this event. 

Below are just a few pictures.....it really doesn't do it justice because I forgot my camera and these were taken with my phone. Take my word for it......her house looked amazing!