Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Plantings Show is Coming Soon!

Join me along with some of the top antique and primitive dealers at the Spring Plantings show in Holly Michigan, hosted by Dawn and Dick Rossell of Holly Hills Primitives.

I am so excited to be a part of this show. The rug hooking sign above is one of my new treasures I will be offering at the show. I will have originals and prints on wood, rug patterns, punchneedle patterns, cross stitch patterns and more!

7x20 print on wood

Hope you can make it! See below for the details!

Click here to see the vendor list!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

saying goodbye...for now

This photo was taken the day she passed. She was so sick.

Well friends, it's with a heavy heart that I tell you we lost our little sweet kitty yesterday. She was with us for 20 years! She will be missed.

She joined our family as a stray when Kyle was about 2 years old, so we really don't know how hold she was. I had never had a cat before so she hung out a few days in the tree in our side yard until we made a decision whether to keep her or not. We just couldn't resist her cuteness so decided to make her part of the family. I didn't know if she had fleas, ticks or any other "issues" so we kept her outside one more night until I could take her to the vet the next morning. Well, overnight she got in a tussle with some other creature because she had a puncture wound at the base of her tail....which made her tail curl up like a pug's tail, haha! It was one of her cute traits. My uncle came to visit from Missouri a few years after we had her and asked me, "What's your cat's name, Seymour Butts?"

Which brings me to the next oddity about our little kitty. Her name was Kitty Girl....I know, original, huh? Well, that's what she would come to when she was a stray for those few days before joining the family. We thought and thought of other names but she would only acknowledge "Kitty Girl". (how many other cats do you know that got to choose their own name?) However, at the vet's office she was known as "Mittens" because I felt silly having them call her Kitty Girl! lol. 

She really was a sweet kitty...kind to everyone...well except Buster. She would swat at him if he got to close, but all along, I think that was her way of playing with him.

I know when we get to heaven, we will see all of our beloved pets again. What a joyous occasion that will be <3 p="">


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas spirit alive & well's official....I am a sap. This video moved me to tears. The element of surprise and generosity truly overwhelmed me! What an amazing idea and even more amazing that they could pull something of this magnitude off in such a short amount of time.

Hope your Christmas season is going well! We still haven't finished decorating and I have only bought one gift so far! Having a show this late in the year is just too much. It's put me waaaaaay behind schedule. .....breathe deep

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I want this washer!

A must see funny video my hubby turned me on to.
Just had to share... 
Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Everyone loves a sale! 25% off at my blog (email your order to to receive discount & combined shipping) OR shop my Etsy shop for a 25% discount, using coupon code HOLIDAYSAVINGS2013 at checkout!

Sale runs Friday though Monday only :)


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Patterns Coming Feb 2014

Designing new punchneedle patterns for the Nashville TNNA market held Feb 2014! My goal is 12 new punchneedle patterns, 12 new cross stitch patterns and many new hooked rug patterns as well.

Here is a sampling of the new punchneedle patterns that I will be offering. Having a blast designing and punching!

Also working on getting all the patterns over to my blog I had set up the pattern site with Google sites before I designed my current blog. Come to find out the Google site can only be so large and I have exceeded the limit so I can't add any more patterns!

I really want everything in one spot anyway so this just forces me to make it happen...before Feb! No rest for the weary :)

Have a great day my friends!

another cute video to share

Barnes & Miner from barnesandminer on GodTube.

I would love to see this couple's entire show. Good clean humor :)