Friday, July 15, 2011

manistee michigan

David & Ryan at Lake Michigan

California has nothin' on us :)
Kevin & Kyle just chillin'
Debbie & her grandchild, Lucas
Lucas & his Daddy, Paul
Lucas = precious
Beach Bums
David & Ryan
David & Ryan
David & Ryan at Sunset
David & Ryan running down the beach
Ryan :)
My tootsies
Buster - not likin' the beach
Daisy lovin' the beach
My brother-in-law's ol' barn
My nephew, Troy
Kevin & Me <3
Ryan makin' smores
Cousins sittin' on bench in downtown Manistee
Cousins at the Pier

Once again another great Kogut camping week in Manistee, Michigan. The weather was amazing this year. It was in the 80s the first few days so we hit the beach. Then it cooled off the last couple of days with the high in the 70s and a crisp 53 at night....great sleeping weather!! I definitely caught up on my sleep....if only you could store those extra hours of sleep up and use them on the nights you don't get enough rest!

Thanks again to John and his wife, Debbie, for opening their home to all of us for the week. If it wasn't for the *#@ misquitoes, the week would have been absolutely PERFECT....but it was close enough :)


  1. That looks like a wonderful place for a vacation. The lake is more like an ocean, lol. Our lakes are more like ponds;)


  2. It is like an ocean but with no jelly fish, sharks, sting rays, etc. :)