Wednesday, August 24, 2011


"House Divided" adapted from my original painting

Ok, so Sauder Village once again has inspired me beyond belief!! I haven't created any new punchneedle or punch rugs in ages.....too long perhaps but I am back!! I only have an hour here and there to spare these days (usually while cooking dinner) but that is all it takes really......before you know it you are finished!!!

Have a Happy Wednesday!!


  1. That is a beautiful piece, is it yarn?
    I usually use wool, but have used a punch and yarn and would like to try more detailed ones with yarn.


  2. THanks Debbie. Yes, it is wool yarn. I want to try punching with wool strips someday because of the different patterns/textures you can achieve with wool but for now the yarn is workin' for me :) I can't wait to finish it and show you, but because of deadlines in licensing it will be a few weeks.