Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well said.....

Where Was God? Mike Huckabee's Incredible Response to the Newtown Shooting Tragedy from anberlin_fan on GodTube.

I was so moved by this video that I just had to share it. I don't want to get into any political "he said", "she said" issues. This, for me, has nothing to do with being a democrat or republican. Let's be real and look at the a society, God has been pushed aside and only called upon in times of crisis. God needs to be in our lives EVERYDAY....we need Him in our homes, schools, and offices. Without God, we allow evil to step in and cause pain, suffering and hopelessness. God is love.....He can be nothing else. God also gave us free will. We decide for ourselves whether or not we want a relationship with Him. I choose God.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this - everyone needs to hear this....I have kept a distance from the media reporting of this tragedy because it is just too much to take and the media makes it political....I am glad to hear Mike Huckabee's response - he got it right....this Christmas season I pray for our society that those who don't know Jesus will find He is our greatest gift and our only hope...

  2. Your piece says it all, so true.


  3. Just wanted to say Thank You for this post and sharing Mr. Huckabee's thoughts....I have not followed this tragedy much because it is just too much to take...but Mr. Huckabee got it right....I pray that those in our society who don't know Jesus will come to know him as He is our greatest gift and our only hope....Merry Christmas and Blessings for a safe, happy and healthy New Year to all....

  4. He is such a good man. I pray for more and more people to hear a TRUE, honest heart... sharing the TRUTH with love & compassion.