Friday, February 1, 2013

dream, pray, do

Week 4 - Questions to ponder from "An Enemy Called Average" by John L. Mason

If everyone in the United States of America were on my level of spirituality, would there be a revival in the land?

That is an intense question and one that we should all take some time and think about. I am not sure what to write about for this question because it is really about looking inward and analyzing yourself and your faith.

I guess what comes to mind for me is this......when we go to church on we go out into the world and DO what our faith calls us to do? or do we leave church and go out into the world and act selfish, negative, cursing at others, etc.

We are called to share our faith.....evangelize if you will. I don't mean to go out on the street corner and start preaching....although if that is your calling, then do it. What I mean is, in our every day life, smile at strangers, lend a helping hand to a stranger, let someone go in line ahead of you, volunteer at the soup kitchen, write a letter of gratitude to someone....basically small acts of kindness. You never know how those acts of kindness could move someone to do a small act of kindness for someone else and so on, and so thing you know, we could have a revival on our hands!! And wouldn't THAT be amazing!

Something else that comes to mind here. I am enjoying a bible study that our church, Holy Rosary, is offering. It has opened my eyes and strengthened my faith more than I ever thought it would. This session we are studying the Acts of the Apostles, the beginning of the church after Pentecost. Wednesday we talked about the scripture, Acts 5:29...."But Peter and the apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than men......" Basically, the apostles were arrested and instructed by the Sanhedrin (the high court of Judaism, composed of the high priest and 70 leaders of Israel) not to speak in the name of Jesus and their response was that they are to obey God, not man. 

"This is the fundamental premise of civil disobedience. It insists that believers cannot submit to human authorities,  institutions and laws that contradict the laws of God." (Wis 6:1-3; Mk 7:8-13) -from the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

If we all were to stand for what is right, true and of God, there would be a revival......just sayin'

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