Monday, August 9, 2010

Great weekend with great friends!

Thank you Bob & Theresa for letting us stay at your adorable homey cabin! There's nothing like a cabin on the lake in northern Michigan. Instant relaxation!

The view...ahhhh

My wonderful husband

We celebrated Theresa's birthday one night at the campfire.

Renee, Theresa and me having our morning coffee while gazing out over the lake.

Theresa & Bob

Keri & Paul

Renee & Bob

Amy & Roger

Kevin & Me

Many great memories were made and shared over our three day weekend up north with friends. Thank you to our generous friends that opened their quaint cabin to us all. We started our mornings off with several pots of coffee while enjoying the sunshine over the lake, then onto a huge country-style homemade breakfast. Then a quick change into our suits for the afternoon flotilla...whoo hoo! After our fill of fun on the lake we headed back to the cabin to cook incredible dinners......Saturday night we had salmon, BBQ chicken, fried potatoes with mushrooms, onion, peppers & garlic, fresh corn on the cob, garden salad and fruit salad. Yummo!! Shortly after cleaning up the dinner mess we'd make our way to the campfire for a night of laughter, story-telling, reminiscing, and conversation. Kevin and I are blessed to have so many wonderful friends in our lives.


  1. It looks like a wonderful place to relax.
    I think I need a cabin on the lake in maine, sounds like a good idea.


  2. Hi Teresa! Sounds like yet another fun weekend! Memories of these warm days carry me all the way through winter. This Southern girl doesn't "do" winter very well. LOL!