Monday, August 23, 2010

Sauder Village

The Wool Studio
This vendor, Rebecca Erb, allowed me to take a couple photos of her booth. I purchased some beautiful wool from her. The rugs she had on display were just gorgeous!

Finally.....after years of hearing about Sauder Village's Rug Hooking show, Jann and I drove to Archibold, Ohio Saturday morning to check it out and we are so glad we did!!! There were many incredible rugs on display by very talented rug hookers and the wool that the vendors were selling was absolutely beautiful..... it was a bit overwhelming! Alice Strebel for Kindred Spirits had a great booth there. It was nice to finally meet her, she is a sweetheart. I've been purchasing wool yarn from her for quite some time and now she is offering variegated wool yarn! I can't wait to get my hands on it! Wendy Miller from The Red Saltbox was the booth next to just went on and on, each vendor had so much to offer.......Jann and I kept thinking "if only we had buckets of money"............

I am only showing a few of the many, many beautiful rugs that adorned the walls (these were my favorites mostly because of the colors). I wish I would have wrote down the names of the talented ladies that hooked the rugs in the above photos in order to give them a shout out, but I didn't think of it until creating this post, sorry ladies!

If you ever get the chance to attend this show I highly recommend it! I left the show inspired to get back into making rugs and even more inspired to offer my artwork as rug patterns. The folk art acrylic paintings I have been creating lately would make amazing rug patterns.....and I have a sketchbook full of more ideas so here we go!!!!


  1. Teresa these are just gorgeous works of art! I can see why you came home all enthused!!
    Hugs, Diane

  2. I know your designs would be beautiful in hooked rugs too.
    I usually do both hooked and punched pieces with my designs.


  3. Debbie......I am going to try punching with wool strips. I've talked to a few people that have done it. I am thinking it would keep my loops more even. We'll see.

  4. These are gorgeous... looking forward to seeing your AMAZING designs as hooked rugs! LOVE all of your new folk art pieces~
    Thank you for sharing...