Tuesday, April 19, 2011

need a wedding or anniversary gift?

Tis the season for weddings! I have the honor of attending the wedding of someone special on April 30th. Witnessing this holy union between two people that love and honor one another enough to commit to a lifetime together always makes me think of my own wedding day..... my heart flutters, joy fills my soul and there is a twinkle in my eye when I gaze upon my husband. I am blessed to have found my soul mate and I'm thankful we are still going strong! 

I have many paintings that can be converted into wonderfully beautiful wedding or anniversary gifts. Above is an example of a painting where I removed the original quote I had painted and replaced it with a wedding quote and our names and wedding date. This print is an 11x14 available on my Etsy shop. If you see a print that you would like converted into a wedding/anniversary gift that is not already for sale at my Etsy shop, please email me (teresakogut@yahoo.com) to order.


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  1. This is beautiful. I am going to order one from your Etsy, as soon as I find out the exact date of my nephews wedding. It's in Jamaica, and I'm not quite sure what day they are getting married.