Monday, April 11, 2011

spring break in missouri with family :)

Aunt Marsha's Garden

My Aunt and Uncle have a gorgeous home and farm in Missouri. This is the view on the south side of their home. You can see my Uncle's red barn in the background. It is located just across the street from where he grew up.

A new member of the family
Here is Kitty-Kitty.....I am more of a dog person, but I have to admit, this big kitty is special. She is the most friendly, cuddly kitty I've ever met. She just showed up one day at the farm and has stuck around. When we arrived with our dogs in tow, she never ran or showed fear.....shoot, the following day Buster and Kitty-Kitty were laying next to one another.

Ryan & Kitty-Kitty

Uncle J's new calf

new calf posing for photo

Trey & Ryan listening to music together

Ryan, Trey & Kyle comin' home from the gully

love the lighting in this photo

Kyle, Trey & Ryan (oh, Daisy, too)

Are you my Mother?

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