Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Atlanta 2012

Blossom Bucket had a beautiful "Wings of Encouragement" Angel display on the 8th floor of the Atlanta Mart. I was sooo shocked to see this! I had no idea Cindy was doing this window display.....what a beautiful job they did making these products using my angel artwork. The translation is beautiful!

 Blossom Bucket window close up

 Blossom Bucket window close up

 Gallerie II created these paper mache figures from my Zippity Doo Da artwork

Deb Strain and Me in Blossom Bucket's showroom for a signing (and Beth's reflection in the window)

By the vibe that was going around the market.....looks like the economy is picking up!!! Long awaited news, right?

I missed going to Atlanta for the first time in 10 years last year so I was going to do everything in my power to go this year! I hope I never miss it again because connecting with my agents, licensees and fellow artists gives me a "shot in the arm" for the new year!

This year I had the pleasure of rooming with artist Deb Strain Sunday night! We first went to dinner with my wonderful agents, Linda and Ashley (poor Beth was ill, so she went to the room for some much needed r and r), then we had a nightcap, headed for the room for some sleep but instead sat up talking half the night! Thank you Deb for making this Atlanta trip extra special!

A HUGE thank you to my agents for all the work they do at the market. All three of them have scheduled meetings over a four day period! Plus they always make the plans for dinner and schedule my signings.....all I have to do show up!  So thank you, thank you, thank you for everything Linda, Beth and Ashley!

I always want to kick myself for not taking more pictures! I wish I had gotten a picture of my artist friend Beth Yarbrough, some pictures of my licensees and pictures of my agents, Linda, Beth and Ashley! Maybe they will have some pictures that they can forward to me.....if so, look for another post soon!

Lots of wonderful products coming out in 2012!!!! Thanks be to God!


  1. She did a beautiful job with the display, really show cases your wonderful pieces.


  2. Beautiful angels and beautiful artist! Hugs to you, girl.