Friday, May 21, 2010

My American Idol

This video was taped in 1999 at the annual Huron Boat Basin Show in Huron, Ohio, where event organizer Cathy Black invited young, undiscovered talent to perform. At only age 13, Crystal Bowersox, playing an original, wowed the audience with her sweet Jewel-like voice. I can't believe it took until now for Crystal to get the recognition she deserves.

Even tho' I like Lee, too, Crystal is amazing and I hope she wins American Idol next week!! She has been my favorite this entire, vote, vote!


  1. I think Lee should win and Crystal gets a contract from simon;)
    She is too good to be on that show, she just needs to have the right promoter. I have a feeling they would both be picked up by someone, so they are both winners.


  2. I agree, Debbie. I think she will become a star whether she wins idol or not. A lot of times the ones that become most famous make the top 3 or 4 (like Daughtry) so they are both winners!