Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabric Magic.....

Aren't these adorable....if only I had a lil' girl, I would buy them for sure!! Found these on Etsy from 2sproutsandalilvoice. She used my "Wickedly Wonderful" fabric available from Marcus Fabrics to create the most fun & whimsical skirts. Click here to purchase.

Love this, too! Another great find on Etsy from Cococtions. She also used my "Wickedly Wonderful" fabric from Marcus to create this sweet apron. If you live where it's warm for Halloween you could wear this for your costume....just add a witches hat!! Click here to purchase.

Here is a fun Halloween runner also found on Etsy and made from my "Wickedly Wonderful" fabric from Marcus Fabrics. Click here to purchase.

Quilt made with my "Wickedly Wonderful" fabric from Marcus Fabrics.

"Cats and Bats" fabric by South Sea Imports from many years ago...quilted by "Quilt Friends"

"12 Days of Christmas" fabric line by South Sea Imports from several years ago

"Life's a Trip" fabric by South Sea Imports, again it's been years ago..quilt by Vicki

"Country Life" fabric from South Sea Imports quilted by Jan at Knitsmith

Every once in a great while I do a "teresa kogut" search using google images to see what comes up. That is how I found all of these amazing handmade creations from very talented folks. They each used my quilting fabric to make their treasures. It always warms my heart to know people like my fabric lines enough to put all that time and effort into creating something beautiful with it. Thank you to all of you!

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  1. Teresa, don't you love it when you discover your fabric made into something! A local lady used my fall fabric line last year to make table runners for her daughter's wedding, was so kind to send photos and then tell me how much they were admired at the reception. It's what it's all about, isn't it....designing something that brings joy to others! And we get the joy of creating for them.
    I've always loved these witch silhouettes of yours so it's easy to see why others do too.