Friday, October 15, 2010

Freshly Groomed.....

My sweet furry children are smelling good once again.....and sooooo soft!! You have no idea what pains I go through to get pictures of Buster & Daisy...let me re-phrase that.....good pictures of Buster & Daisy. I take a cheese stick (because they will follow me anywhere as long as I have cheese) then I attempt to get them to sit or lie next to each other...but they are too excited about the cheese to get close enough to one another....or I get one to lay down and while trying to get the other one to lay down the first one gets up!!! So I do what I can and take many, many, many photos just to arrive at one or two suitable ones. All in a days work, I guess. But aren't they just the cutest?!?!!?

Here are a few not-so-good pics.....funny but not good.......

A leaf dropped from the tree.......

Whoaaaa.....lil' too close, Buster!

Not your prettiest smile, Daisy.

(She was so excited about getting cheese, she started barking)


  1. They are so sweet. I just love dogs.

  2. LOL! Cats, lazy cats, are easier to photograph!
    Hugs, Diane