Saturday, January 15, 2011

New wips

"Live in Harmony"
work in progress
22" x 28" x 1.5" stretched canvas
©teresa kogut

I am lovin' the colors in this fresh! Putting the finishing touches on the it then crackle!

"Folk Deer"
24" x 36" x 1.5" stretched canvas
©teresa kogut

Love the earthy colors of this painting. I also did something new for me....I used molding paste in the border details to give it texture. was time consuming to do this but I love the raised look on the border. I will post a full picture of this one soon :)

UPDATE on found puppy......
the boys and I went door to door in our neighborhood with fliers of the puppy we found but nobody has ever seen her before. So today we are hanging fliers at local businesses. I have such mixed feelings.......we do not need another dog....two is plenty, however, lil' precious is so lovable and has the sweetest disposition....... if we do find the owners we will be happy for them, but heartbroken because we will miss her.

I wouldn't be surprise if someone just dropped her off in the neighborhood because they couldn't taken care of her anymore. At our previous home we had a Dalmatian (found the owners of that one) another dog (it was nice to us but trying to bite anyone that came to our house), two black kittens, a rooster (yes, a rooster) and a baby possum (that thought out dog was it's mother and kept trying to nurse). We are like a magnet for lost animals.........why us??


  1. Oh my, Teresa. I think you may have acquired a new family member. She's so sweet looking! Poor thing. People drop off cats in our neighborhood all the time. Why do they do that!!??
    Loving your new work!
    Hugs, Diane

  2. Beautiful shades in your new piece, the crackle will be a nice touch.
    I like in a rural and wooded area, so always finding stray animals. The last one was a tuxedo kitty and he was really beat up from being outside, so if he had an owner, they weren't taking care of him, so he is mine;)