Wednesday, January 26, 2011

oh what to do......

I still have not found the owners of this sweet 4 month old puppy. I am guessing at her age, but she is loosing her puppy teeth and found out via the internet that puppies loose their teeth at approx 4 months of age. While searching for the owners, I have fallen in love with her. She is very sweet, smart, funny and brings so much joy and playfulness to our home. I just can't imagine that the owners aren't missing her and frantically looking for her. If they are.......I wish they'd hurry up because every day she lives with us, we grow more and more attached.

Most people we talk to about this situation say "just keep her". Those of you who know me know we already have two dogs.....they are big and hairy......they shed.....they can be expensive between the groomers and vet bills........need I say more. It's not that simple. The biggest problem is vacations. We take our dogs to Missouri and up north and stay with family. They are generous enough to let us bring Buster and can we ask to bring a third dog? Any other time we are out of town, my parents take care of our pets......the list goes on. My heart tells me "keep her, it will all work out" and my head says "what are you thinking...are you insane?"


  1. She is a sweet pup, can't believe no one is looking for her.
    I found a cat and he is the sweetest and funniest thing, no one has claimed him and at this point, I would not give him back;) He was really beat up and skinny when I got him, so I do not think he had a good owner, if he ever had one.


  2. Similar situation and kept the stray...He has stolen my heart and is my "Boy To The World". 3 dogs are a lot to feed, care for, and keep healthy, but they are also 3x the love!

  3. Three times the love is right......I could gain a dog and lose my husband though......he really doesn't want to keep her for the same reasons. Trust me, if we didn't already have two dogs we would keep her. :)