Saturday, January 22, 2011

OH NO! Ryan is a teenager!!!!

Ryan's birthday (at least I hope so) was a blast! It started with cupcakes at school with his classmates. After school I picked him and 4 friends up and took them to Rollhaven for a few hours of skating, laser tag and arcade games. (and really loud music)

Then to our house for a sleepover full of pizza, video games, ping pong, air hockey, Foosball, cake & ice cream. (Oh and see that jar of candy......let's just say they were on a sugar high :)

What kind of parent gets their child trick candles that re-light themselves over and over??? ME!! It was so funny! He blew and blew and they would re-light. LOL! Anyway.....I'm pretty sure Ryan's 13th birthday was fun for him and his friends and that's all a Mom could ask for. But omg....he is a teen now!!!



  1. OMG - I remember when he was a tiny baby and you had to fly off to California and leave him behind for a meeting! Remember that? Happy Birthday, Ryan! Does this make us old, Teresa?

  2. I will never forget that meeting.....what a nightmare!!!! I was breast feeding at the time and had to pump enough milk for him while I was away...which made me produce twice as much milk as I normally would. So after the six hour flight you can imagine how "uncomfortable" I was. When I saw Linda at the airport she went to hug me and I put my hands up and said "no hugging until after I pump!!" .....and the next day at the meeting I had to pump in the bathroom...wonder what people thought??

  3. oh and no....we are not old!!!! lol

  4. War stories! Gotta love 'em! Either way, you sure did a fine job with that boy, Mama.

  5. Ryan a teenager. Say is "ain't so!" Where does the time go? So many laughs, so may stories, so much love. How did he get to 13 and you and Kevin haven't aged? a Michigan youth secret, I'm sure. seems just like yesterday that we were in Otisville for your birthday!!! Enjoy every day - it is a gift.
    Tell Ryan Happy Birthday.

  6. You are too kind Linda......Mary Kay and hair coloring is this Michigan girl's secret!! LOL!