Friday, February 18, 2011

Call me crazy....

......but I am starting a quilt!! I made my first one last year and my goal is to make one a year from now on. The pattern is "rail fence" should be much easier than the four-patch quilt I made last year. These fabrics were in my stash from years ago. I will take pics as I progress.


  1. I take that back.......I will be making two this year. When my Mom returns from FL, I will be teaching her.....not that I qualify as a teacher, but together we can do it!! I look forward to spending that time with my Mom, she is the best!!

  2. Those fabrics will look nice in a rail fence.
    I have been making more quilts and wall pieces, I like to work in different mediums and it also gives my hands a break. I think a lot of your designs would look nice in wall quilts or penny styles.


  3. You will be a wonderful quilter. I've got to get to work on the quilt I'm making for this years Relay for Life raffle. But, my Mom won't be helping me. She likes quilts but doesn't want to make one. Have fun!

  4. The quilt was put on hold until my Mom got back from Florida. Her and I will work together once a week making quilts!!! So excited to start and to spend that time with her :)