Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow day project.....

"Two in a Bush"
punchneedle embroidery
©teresa kogut

We had a snow storm Sunday evening.....we got about 10" of snow. I am however, thankful that the prior 10" of snow we had gotten a couple weeks ago just melted. Anyway, the kids had Monday off for President's Day but the roads were still bad enough that they had Tuesday off as well. I spent the day at the house working on this new pattern. I hadn't worked on punchneedle in quite a while and so enjoyed it. I just love how it turned out!! Punchneedle and hooked/punch rug patterns available soon.


  1. I think most of your designs would look beautiful in punch needle.
    Are you using regular floss or valdani? I love the look of valdani, but only use it on my special projects, but I do love using the black.


  2. I use Weeks Dye Works. However, I am thinking of using both Weeks and Valdani when designing my patterns. I want to be loyal to Weeks because they have been amazing to work with over the years, but I may throw in a valdani color here and there. When designing patterns I usually keep all the floss from one company to make it easier for the consumer buying my pattern but there are some really yummy valdani colors that weeks doesn't offer. :)

  3. Beautiful... this has been one very snow-creative winter~ (ugh...) I'm ready for some warmer, SPRING inspired art fun!

    Hope your weekend is perfect~