Friday, February 11, 2011

Sassy made it home........

I almost forgot to update y'all on lil' precious. The day before I left for Pennsylvania, I got an email from Sassy's family. It is a young family with small children that live a couple miles away. She had finally told the children that Sassy must have been hit by a car since she had been missing for three weeks. A family friend saw the ad I had put on Craig's List and called them with the contact info.

Here's the kicker..........while driving to Pennsylvania, I got a call from Sassy's mom. She said that she wondered if she did the right thing taking Sassy back. When they left our house, Sassy stood in the back seat looking out the window and barked all the way home. She also said that their older dog was not happy to have Sassy back home and would fight with Sassy. Her husband said if the fighting didn't stop, Sassy would have to go. She wanted to let me know what was going on and that if they couldn't keep her, she wanted to offer her to us first since we had bonded so well with Sassy. I told her I was out of town until Wednesday and to hang in there. I figured Sassy just needed to re-adjust to her environment again but if they weren't going to keep her, to call me back. Well, it is Friday and I haven't heard anything, so I guess Sassy is settling back in to her home. I hope I never come across a lost puppy again.....this has been a heart-wrenching experience :'(


  1. It is good and bad when something like that happens.
    I still have problems with having a third cat, but hoping my first one will get over herself and stop being mean to him.


  2. Aw, Teresa, I hope it all works out with her family and the other angry pet. Hmmm...I wonder if that's why Sassy ran away? I's heart-wrenching.
    Hugs, Diane