Tuesday, December 6, 2011

call me crazy.....

....but guess what I did???? Last week, I signed up to be a Mary Kay independent sales consultant!!! I know what you are thinking......why? how will you find time?......I know, I know....it does seem a lil' crazy but here is how I came to my decision.

I have been using MK products for over a year now. I was invited to a friend's party, then a friend booked from that party and so on. I have been to more MK parties over the past year than I can even recall. Every time I have been to a party, our MK sales consultant, Lynn, would tell us how she got started and share all the benefits of becoming a MK consultant. I will admit, at first, I didn't pay much attention knowing this was not something I was interested in......I would think, I have no time, I am not a sales person, etc.....little did I know the seed was planted.

The more shows I went to, the closer I payed attention. I kept hearing phrases such as, flexible schedule, work when you want, inexpensive to join, no annual minimum sales required, 50% off your personal orders, average take-home income from home show $250-350, up to 13% commission checks earned when you start building your team AND when you make sales director, you earn a new car - MK pays the title, tax and 80% of your insurance!!

With all the monetary perks set aside, there are other reasons I considered joining.....meeting people. I work in my studio by myself every day - which I love and I'm not complaining because I am very focused when painting, however, I miss the "social" part of having a job. Every MK party I've been to has been so much fun. Let's face it, what woman isn't happy when trying new skin care products and makeup with all her friends?!?!?!

Back in April 2011 I almost joined then..still, I kept thinking the same thing.....time, where would I find the time to sell MK??? Recently, I had a show at my home the Friday before Halloween. The following day I thought, "what do I have to lose?" Nothing. I can start by working a few hours a couple times a week on my MK business and if nothing else, at least get the products I love 50% off.....but I really want that car!!! So there you have it.......I am now a Mary Kay independent sales consultant :)

Oh, one last thing....Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay, is such an remarkable and admirable business woman that can inspire all of us to become stronger, more confident women in everything we do......this quote is the foundation of her success:



  1. Wouldn't call you crazy... it's just painting on beautiful surfaces!
    Wishing you all the best!
    LOVE every new folk piece... your work is amazing :)