Tuesday, April 10, 2012

back to work....

looking north on my Aunt & Uncle's farm

Holy cow! I came into the studio this morning with my planner all filled out for the week of everything I need to accomplish......only to open my email and discover I need to add many things to my to-do-list that popped up while I was away! I also need to do the drawing for the March give away!

I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now so please be patient with me while I get things in order. I will one day this week do the drawing for March and announce the new April give away, share vacation photos, etc. But I will be buried the next couple of days getting as many things done as humanly possible.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter! What an amazing spirit-filled time of year! 


  1. I am feeling that way today, so resting and thinking. A long weekend and need to recharge myself;)