Monday, April 23, 2012

retreat weekend

This past weekend was spent with 28 kids (8th grade - 12th grade) and 8 adults in the Bethany House at the St Francis Retreat Center in Dewitt Michigan.

I had never been to a retreat before and it was an experience I was proud to be a part of!! The weekend consisted of music (and lots of it), singing and dancing, small group discussions, chapel time (sitting in silence), games, scavenger hunt, skits, lots of food, not much sleep, anonymous Q & A session with Fr Dan, mass on Sunday and my favorite......adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ.....during which, the holy spirit was working the room and there wasn't a dry eye in the house....a very special moment that I will never forget!

The kids were is exciting and inspiring to see teens growing in their faith and having a blast doing it!!! The leader of the retreat said to the kids (and adults) just before we left not to let this be a "moment" in our lives but to take what we've learned and experienced and apply it to our everyday live our faith...

Here are a few photos of the retreat center grounds and a few of the kids..........

The grounds were beautiful. They have a gardening society that takes care of the landscaping. There are paths to walk the entire property with wonderful statues and places to sit in silence to reflect and pray.

They had a path were you could walk and reflect on the stations of the cross. The stations were on each side surrounded by blooming lilacs...beautiful...

Now, go LIVE it!!

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