Thursday, April 5, 2012

last day......

Well, this is the last day......of vacation!!! We are enjoying our visit to Bernie Missouri visiting our family. The weather is amazing here. This is the first year there has been no rain and in the 80s our entire visit! Absolutely beautiful.......I told them we are taking this weather home with us tomorrow!  I will have some pictures to share when I return. I am behind on my picture taking because I forgot and left my CF card in my computer at home!

Although I am enjoying our visit,  I miss our eldest, Kyle and our puppy dogs. This is the first year in 19 years that Kyle couldn't come with us because he couldn't get the time off work. We have always brought our dogs with us too but we left them behind with Kyle.

There's no place like home!!


  1. I love vacations but that first night home in my own bed with the dog lying at the foot of the my favorite day of the vacation!

  2. Amen!!! Nothing like sleeping in your own bed!