Friday, May 4, 2012

may give away

"Without Ceasing"
©Teresa Kogut
8x10 print

Win this 8x10 print just by entering a comment below. I am thinking of creating a "mat" around this print so when it is framed the frame won't cut off any of the image.....what are your thoughts?


Andrea Martin of West Virginia

you are the April give away winner! I will send you, free of charge, the angel lace wall hanging by Heritage Lace!!!! Only four people entered this drawing so your odds were amazing!!! So happy for you, Andrea :)


  1. Count me in (: Matting the print above is an excellent idea and I have the perfect frame just waiting for it...hehehe! Have a great day, Cathy

  2. Such a beautiful painting, would love to have some of your art in our home. Blessings R'Chelle

  3. What a lovely art piece! I would definitely put a mat frame around it so as to not lose any of the wonderful!

  4. Not sure how to get a frame around that, without going over the angel.
    It would be a good piece to put on wood or maybe attach it to another solid background paper, then you can frame it.


  5. Ok, the vote is in.....I will photoshop a mat around the print in order to save the entire image. Will upload again....Thanks to all of you who have entered so far!! Good Luck!

  6. This is so beautiful. I would love to hang it in my home near my art desk!

  7. Beautiful art. Would be honored to have some in my home. Thanks for the opportunity!


  8. How lovely! Your work is beautiful! I'd love a chance to win your artwork. Thanks so much.