Tuesday, May 1, 2012

what have i done now.....

acrylic over antique board
©Teresa Kogut

I have wanted to have my blog and website all at one site for a few years now......I started the process yesterday and now I have a MESS!!! My blog is ok but my website is inaccessible now.....so the pressure is on to get the new one rolling!! Even though I LOVE blogger....I am creating my new site on wordpress. My understanding is that wordpress blogs are for businesses, not just for journaling. I was up way past my bedtime last night getting a start on the new blog. You can view it here.

Eventually you will be able to type in www.teresakogut.com and the front page will be my blog and I will have a separate pages for biography, photos, and e-commerce pages for original art, calendars & other licensed products, punch needle patterns, prints and wholesale punch needle patterns (accounts will need a password to purchase wholesale). EVERYTHING in one spot!!! I am so excited about this but a little nervous and overwhelmed too. So I keep telling myself.......patience, Teresa, patience........


  1. I think I got my website back up and running now.....whew!

  2. I do like wordpress and I just signed up, so much nicer to have it come to my mailbox.


  3. the computer is not the boss of you!