Wednesday, June 6, 2012

last day at holy rosary

 2012 Holy Rosary Graduates

Kevin, Dad, Me, Kyle, Mom and Ryan

What a great celebration last night! We started with mass, then awards, a delicious dinner,  and ended with a slide show showcasing the lives of the nine graduates. During Mass, Father George's advice to them was to choose your friends wisely and keep God in your life.....although there was more, that was  the best advice of all. He was on the A-B honor roll all four semesters and has a bright future ahead of him. We are very proud of Ryan and what he has accomplished so far and confident he will continue to grow in his education and faith.

Feelin' Blessed!


  1. A wonderful photo with your family and Ryans graduation. My kids are grown, my son is married and my daughter is living on her own. They both are back in college and doing well and independent, so I guess I did ok;)


    1. You did well, Debbie. Even though it is hard when our kids leave home (Kyle is moving out the 1st of July) it is a natural process. Seeing them live successfully on their own is bittersweet....mostly because we miss them.