Wednesday, June 13, 2012

st francis

I had never heard this quote before today and just had to share it! Of course, being an artist, it really spoke to me because from my experience my paintings turn out best when I paint "from the heart". By that I mean, I am not painting for a particular licensee, project or deadline. I feel so free when I can paint in that way....and the time...where does it go?? When I am really "into" a painting it seems as though an hour passes but it only feels like a minute...that's when I know I am having fun! I know many of you can relate to that euphoria experienced when creating.

The wisdom and stories of the Saints are something to be studied and cherished. It just so happens our son, Ryan, chose Francis of Assisi for his confirmation name. I'd say he chose wisely ;)

Here's to creating from the heart!!

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  1. I have heard something similar, but have never heard that and that it was his quote. I always loved his love of animals and how he put food out by his garden for the animals so they wouldn't eat the garden vegetables. I still do that, leave something to the side for the critters.