Monday, July 30, 2012

great friends, great times!

Another great year!! For the past 6 years Kevin and I have been blessed to  join a group of our closest friends for a kid-free weekend together at a cabin on the lake. It has changed to three different cabins over the years but we are blessed enough to have options. We start the day with a monstrous breakfast, drink tons of coffee, clean up our mess, throw on our suits and off to the water we go! We take the pontoon boat out and tie our flotilla to it and just chill in the water all afternoon....coming in only to eat! This year we had a speed boat as well so some of them when skiing and tubing. (not me......I'm not quite as adventerous as I use to be) We top off the night with another great meal, music and a bonfire.

It's good medicine to be so relaxed in the company of great friends! Thank you Chris, Bob and Theresa for the use of your family cabin for the weekend, we truly appreciate it!

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