Friday, July 6, 2012


acrylic over scrapbook papers
20" x24" (partial photo)
©Teresa Kogut

It's been a fun yet busy summer so far! This week we went to Evart, Michigan to watch my husbands, Beatles tribute band, SHOUT! At the end of their last song the fireworks started just on the other side of the football field! It was beautiful!

The next day we celebrated the USA's birthday with a cookout at our friend's house and tonight we leave for "up north" to enjoy a canoe trip with friends! Fun, Fun, Fun! 

In between all the fun, I am working as you can see..."Merciful" is my latest painting.

Hope you are enjoying your summer too!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful piece, really love your angels.
    Have fun on your trip and don't forget to take photos.
    We are having more bad air days with this heat, so not sure if I can get out for a paddle.