Tuesday, October 11, 2011

blessings to ewe....

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Another fun Christmas pattern done! I LOVE sheep and this lil' guy is so darling sporting his winter hat. This punchneedle actually could stay out all winter.... it doesn't "scream" Christmas, right? Available at my website. Also, just a head's up,  I asked Rich to make some of these little cutting boards (pictured above) to attach your finished punchneedle to......that seems to be the question I often hear......what do I do with my finished pieces? 

Here is my "finishing" routine......I trim the extra weaver's cloth leaving approximately 3/4", then put fabric glue around the back edge of the punchneedle. Start with the corners and fold them at a diagonal,  hold until it "sticks", then fold over the four sides. Next, I put a piece of plastic, such as a ziploc bag, on top of it and place something heavy on it so it dries flat. I usually let it dry or several hours......then using a permanent marker, I color the edge of the weaver's cloth that will be showing when you adhere it to your wood, purse, etc.  Most of the time a black permanent marker will work but if not, I try to match the marker to the color of the last punched row of floss.

There are other ways to finish the edge but this works very well and it the easiest way I have found to finish a piece. Finally, using the fabric glue again, I cover the back of the punchneedle with lines of glue along the edge of the piece and center as well **Be careful not to get too much glue toward the edge as it can squeeze out and will show.....not a good look** Then flip the piece right side up and center it on your substrate whether it is a wood cutting board, antique butter paddle, cradled board (available at Dick Blick), felted purse, a piece of wool (then frame without glass), etc. Again, place something heavy on it until it dries, and viola!!! you have a beautiful finished punchneedle embroidery to display in your home or give as a gift :)


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  1. Another wonderful piece. My husband cuts out the boards for me, I love doing pieces like that and they make nice presents.