Thursday, October 20, 2011

it WILL happen......

No Halloween decorations as of yet!!! I have been busy every night....including tonight (quilt class with Mom and Renee). Seems almost ridiculous at this late date to even put out Halloween decorations! However, I must, and here is the reason....well reasons.....1) I didn't decorate the past two years because of being "too busy" and I have some awesome Halloween decorations! I miss seeing them!! 2) Our boys (ages 18 and 13) are getting older and some day (sniff, sniff) will be out on their own and I want them to have fond memories of the holidays 3) I am having a Mary Kay party next Friday and would be great fun to have the house all decked out!!  Good reasons, right?!?!? 

So this weekend somewhere amongst the laundry, house cleaning, cooking, developing classroom projects for the school's auction dinner and studying for Sunday evening's Edge youth group meeting I WILL decorate!  Oh, and now that I posted it here for all the world to see......consider it done :)

1 comment:

  1. Would love to see your house all decorated for the season.
    I never did much for halloween, but now I love to decorate, even though I don't have a lot yet. I like to do more fall colors with a bit of halloween mixed in, then I can leave it out till christmas, lol.