Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tis the season.....

for Christmas......and snow!

This time of year is such a joy (and a bit overwhelming).
The Christmas music makes me smile and sing
(which terrifies the boys)
& seems to give me the boost of energy I need to make it through the long busy days.
I have yet to put up my Christmas decorations....I know.......
I usually transform our home over the Thanksgiving weekend
but this year I was
busy finishing up classroom projects for Holy Rosary Catholic School's
auction dinner (which is this Saturday!)
This weekend the decorations won't see the light of day either because
Kevin and I are setting up the booth for a show,
then off to his Remax Christmas party,
we will be at the show all day then go directly to the auction dinner,
we will be at the show again along with taking down the booth and loading up!
Hopefully during the upcoming week I can do a
little bit of decorating every night after dinner
....we'll see.
Oh and shopping........yeah, can't forget the shopping.....
haven't started that yet either.

I mentioned snow because who doesn't love a white Christmas?!?!
We are expecting 3-5" tonight which is a bit early if you ask me
(all the kids in the area are hoping for a snow day tomorrow).
In a perfect world it would snow a couple inches every day
the week before Christmas
(just enough so they can keep the roads clear but cover the trees and grass)
then in January, a few good 6-8" snow storms,
and come February 1st all the snow melts and it becomes spring....
dream on, right?

Hoping you all are enjoying the busy Christmas Season so far!


  1. We are staying warmer than usual, so rain for us, today.
    I still need to get out my christmas things.


  2. Your post made me smile... same place, same cheer, a bit behind from normal and~~~~~ glad you're getting the snow first! (giggle) Hope your weekend auction/dinner is wonderful! Hugs, Sweet Friend :)

  3. we are all in the same boat! well as far as being behind schedule!!