Monday, July 19, 2010

25 year class reunion

"High School Sistas"

This past Saturday night was our Kearsley High School Class of 1985 reunion. What a blast from the past! The eight of us pictured above rented a limo for the event for some extra bonding/reminiscing time before the reunion. Some of the girls came in from Arizona, and glad they made the trip! Many of my classmates were very recognizable and I knew immediately who they were and then there are those that have changed so much! Facebook was a great tool for getting us back in touch with each other prior to our reunion. If you want to reconnect with friends from high school, I highly recommend starting a Facebook page. I came away from the reunion with many thoughts....

1...I really miss the ones that live so far away
2...wondering why the heck us friends that live within an hours drive don't get together more often??????
3...that all those high school insecurities were a waste of time
4...I will attend any future reunions if at all possible (I hadn't been to one since the 5 yr reunion)
5...after graduation, life is then our choice as to what we want to become.....this thought made me reflect on the past 25 years. A sense of peace, happiness. and pride came over me. I love where I am today and I am excited about where this life will lead me.........

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