Saturday, July 3, 2010


"July 4th"

watercolor (painted for the "From the Heart" calendar)
©Teresa Kogut

"America, America, God shed His grace on thee".....this is my favorite line of all the songs about our great country. I am so inspired by the songs "America, the Beautiful", "America" and "Mine Eyes have seen the Glory". When singing these songs, a sense of pride wells up inside of me and I am overcome with great love for our country and the feeling of gratitude for the freedom and beauty it offers.

History was not one of my better subjects in my school days, however, now that I am older I find it interesting. During the week, the history channel ran a series of "Presidents" and "States". They started with George Washington and went down the line explaining the trials and tribulations of each presidency. The "States" series was equally interesting. Each state in the union got a chance to boast of it's uniqueness and individual beauty. I learned so much of it I retain is another story. But again, that sense of pride was ignited!!

Wishing you all a fun and safe 4th of July and Happy Birthday United States of America!!

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  1. Hi Teresa - Happy forth to you too! Love the water can of flowers. Have a fun day.