Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dealing with Life's Stresses

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Denis Waitley's book "The Psychology of Winning"..........

One of the best ways to develop adaptability to the stresses of life is to view them as normal. Earl Nightingale tells of his visit with his son recently to the Great Barrier Reef which stretches nearly 1800 miles from New Guinea to Australia. Noticing that the coral polyps on the inside of the reef, where the sea was tranquil and quiet in the lagoon, appeared pale and lifeless...while the coral on the outside of the reef, subject to the surge of the tide and power of the waves, were bright and vibrant with splendid colors and flowing growth...Earl Nightingale asked his guide why this was so.

"It's very simple," came the reply, "the coral on the lagoon-side dies rapidly with no challenge for growth and survival...while the coral facing the surge and power of the open sea, thrives and multiplies because it is challenged and tested every day. And so it is with every living organism on earth."

I love this analogy and will do my best to keep it in mind as life's challenges come my way...I hope it helps you, too.

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