Friday, July 16, 2010

Kogut Family Vacation

Beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan from Manistee

We spent Sunday afternoon canoeing on the Pine River. This photo was taken in the truck on the ride back to the farm.

Kyle, David & Ryan... my boys....acting silly as usual

Our nephew's little tike, Lucas, was stylin' in his blue shades. There's nothin' like a baby to bring so much laughter and joy. He was the source of entertainment on many occasions.

Typical boys......catching (and a couple of times, eating) bugs!

Ahhh, a day at the beach is food for the soul. We spent a few afternoons at the beach. This year the water was warm and refreshing....usually Lake Michigan is so cold I barely get in but this year was wonderful!

Ryan & David (cousins)

David & Ryan

Kyle......if I take his photo without him knowing, I can actually get a "normal" shot!


This is my favorite photo of the entire week! Our nephew Paul is holding his son Lucas in the glowing sunset. Just beautiful!

No caption needed here.....

Another great vacation at the Kogut farm in Manistee. My brother-in-law and his wife own a lil' blue house on an old farm of 40 acres next to the 40 acres the entire family owns and hunts. Every summer my husband's family gathers at the farm and sets up campers and tents for 5-7 days (Thank you, John & Debbie). We are tucked in the wilderness, however, a quick 10 minute drive we are at Lake Michigan and downtown Manistee.....the best of both worlds. The week consists of a canoe trip, afternoons at the beach, hikes through the woods, campfires, smores, card games, countless Monopoly games for the young cousins, and the most delicious food we can muster.......we Kogut's know how to eat!! I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!

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  1. You vacation sounds like a great time for the whole family.
    I am about ready to head to the mountains for some paddlng and biking myself, so hopefully we can get the time this month.