Tuesday, March 20, 2012

draw something...

Draw Something....have you heard of this app for ipod or droid??? Oh, it's an artist's dream. I am far from a gamer, but my son, Ryan, told me about this fun game yesterday and I immediately downloaded the app to my droid.

Here's how it works.....you play with other people (it can be friends/family or people you don't know from anywhere in the world) to earn coins (which I could care less about the coins). You can choose easy for 1 coin, medium for 2 coins and hard for 3 coins. The subject you have to draw is next to whichever level you choose. Using your finger, you draw a simple or detailed image, when finished, you send it to whomever you chose to play with. When they open their app they will see that you sent them something. They open it and try to figure out what you've drawn.....there are scrambled letters under the image that they use to spell out their answer. If they get it wrong they try again and again until they figure it out. It really is fun, oh and the best part is when you receive a drawing from someone and open it up, it actually draws it right then so you can see the steps the other person took in creating their drawing. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

This probably sounds confusing......I am not good at explaining things without the use of pictures or showing you "hands on" but if you have a ipod or droid, try it!!! It's easy to learn! By the way, my username is tkogut, so if you want,  draw something for me and I will do the same for you! Let's play!


  1. There are way too many apps for the iPad, lol.
    I got sketchpad pro, really worth it for a drawing program.
    I usually play word games for a break, need to work that part of my brain too;)


  2. That's funny Debbie. This game isn't a drawing program. Trust me....the drawings are rudimentary! I use my pinky finger on that small screen so hopefully nobody expects my drawings to look as if I make my living as an artist!! hahaha.....it reminds me of pictionary.....when I play that game, people expect, because I'm an artist, for my drawings to be perfect but trust me, they look like a 4 year old drew them!