Monday, March 19, 2012

some thoughts......


Often times I want to blog but don't feel I have anything important to say....and I always think I have to post a great photo or show a new painting, etc. But by thinking this way, it keeps me from posting. In my mind, blogging is suppose to bring people closer......a way to get to know you and a way for you to get to know me, so I am re-thinking how I am running my blog. For heaven's sake, my blog description even reads "daily happenings in my lil' world", right? But sometimes I don't post for a from now on, I will do my best to blog daily and keep my posts on a more personal level by sharing thoughts, opinions, beliefs, recipes, art, photos, and so on. (The above photo is kind of random, but I like it and I still feel the need to have a "visual" with each post)

Before I go.....remember the post a while back where I posted "before" pics of myself and my plan to have "abs by Easter". Oh my goodness, it's as if  I was rebelling against myself! I have not lost a pound.....matter of fact I have gained a bit in the mid-section. I have continued to work out 5-6 days a week but the eating is out of control......what is my problem?!?!?!? Well, now that the weather is beautiful (in the 70s already....this early in March in Michigan is unheard of) and I would like to fit into my shorts from last year, it's on!!! I need to get serious about dropping a few pounds!

As always, thanks for stopping by............


  1. The harder I try to lose weight, the more I gain, lol.
    I was sick one week and no workouts, but my weight went down, muscle weighs more than flab;)


  2. oh how we are walking the same walk!

  3. it's ridiculous, isn't it? I have only one pair of capris that still fit from last summer......that's the motivation I needed! I know what you mean, Debbie, I am going to get back to using my phone app "My fitness pal" so I can track my calories. That is how I got down to 127lbs about five years ago. I HAVE to know what I am eating in order to lose the weight.