Wednesday, March 14, 2012

peaceful angel

acrylic over collage paper on stretched canvas
©Teresa Kogut

I have been absent a bit from updating my is extremely busy at the studio lately....all good things though!!! I have had three projects come up just this week! I pride myself on quick responses and meeting deadlines for my licensees....basically good customer service! 

I shipped half of my wholesale punchneedle pattern orders out this week as well. I am patiently waiting for my screen printer to finish printing four images so I can get the rest of the orders out hopefully by Friday.

Surtex is also looming......April 1st deadline to get all new art to my agents so they can get them in the books for the show in May. Linda McDonald, Inc will have a booth at the Surtex show in NYC where they will meet with current and potential licensees to look through new art for upcoming product programs. Busy, busy time of year and, of course, we are having an early spring this year tempting me to play hooky. Temps in the high 60s low is sunny with no WIND!!! Hard to stay in the studio on a beautiful day like this but I must forge ahead........

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  1. Wonderful piece, has a nice emotion to it.