Monday, June 14, 2010

before the crackle.....


©Teresa Kogut
acrylic collage on cradled board 16"x20"

I have yet to crackle this painting....will post another picture when that is done. This is a George Washington quote....another wise man that I admire. I used scrapbook papers for the flowers to give it much fun working in this way! Hope you like it.

A couple of updates......remember the bird's nest my son took pictures of....well, I asked him last week or so to take more photos and the eggs were gone and the baby birds were also gone already. I am hoping they hatched and flew away but it seems awful soon for them to fly.........BUT we are going to think happy thoughts and assume that is what happened!

Also....I found my screen printing contraption and watched the how-to-dvd. Well, turns out this machine is made for making t-shirts. The smallest screen I can get for it is 20" x 24" @ approx $20 each. I could "reclaim" the screen....meaning reuse it for another image but that would be a real pain and I don't want to store a large, expensive screen for each punchneedle image. Oh well, it was a good thought.......of course, now I want to make t-shirts!!!! ; )

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