Sunday, June 6, 2010

I love swamp water!!

PN073-Santa Bear

Now that I have your attention......swamp water is the name of the floss I used for the background on this piece. I love it! It is variegated muddy green and black giving the background a great pattern when punching in a spiral.


  1. I agree, that is a wonderful color.
    I do love using shades that you can get different effects with, by changing the punching directions.


  2. Don't you love it when you get such a bang for your buck! The floss made it look like you went through so many color changes. Plus it has such an old timey feel. Great Job!

  3. I LOVE swamp water, too! ha! ha! Such adorable designs, patterns... and color choices! This Santa Bear is one of my favorites!
    LOVE you newest paintings, too... I had carefully set aside some OLD Abe L. ephemera for you~ I know it is here somewhere. If I could only know which pile *sigh*
    Hope you have a wonderful week!