Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hot off the hoop!

PN074-A Home for Sparrow

I know this bird doesn't resemble a sparrow but Sparrow is his name (I didn't know what else to call him........not good at naming birds). I had to get a snowman design done before my distributor's market show in July. Actually, I hope to do more Halloween, Christmas & winter designs before then but I need to get the directions done on these new pieces before moving on. I also have to get that screen printer figured out and get working on my licensing deadlines so it will be a while before I punch anything new :-(

I will be offering the new designs on my website as soon as I can....I'll let y'all know........


  1. You are always juggling SO many projects at a time! I think Sparrow is sweet...beautiful pattern and the border sets it off perfectly. Love it!