Thursday, June 3, 2010

On a roll.....

PN073-Boo Bear

Another quick, easy and fun design to punch! I love this lil' primitive bear...he is also available as "Liberty Bear" all decked out in red, white & blue. I thought it might be fun to have him dressed for the different holidays.

Most of my punchneedle patterns fit in a 7" hoop....some need the 9" hoop, but I reeeaaally want to create some larger designs. Here's my quandary.....I have rubber stamps made of each design to stamp onto the weaver's cloth but if I create designs too large they will have to be screen printed onto the fabric.......I had bought a screen printer long ago (I can't even remember why we bought it) and I need to find it and learn how to use it. Once that lil' problem is solved, I will have more freedom in what I design. It's on the ever expanding "to-do" list......and I know all you busy ladies can relate to that list........


  1. Teresa, is it possible to use a couple of rubber stamps rather than screen printing? Of course, positioning them could be tricky, but it might work!

  2. I have a mini frame for punching. I bought it at my local rug shop and love using it for punching. It is the perfect size and sits on my lap, so I don't have to bend while punching. I did get a long pattern from a friend and found it to be a pain to punch in a hoop.


  3. Debbie,

    Does your frame have those grippers strips to hold the fabric like a rug hooking frame? That would be great even for small designs but especially for larger ones.

  4. Diane,

    Thank for the idea...not a bad one either....but I would love to screen print all my patterns to fabric..even the ones I already have stamps for. I guess I am assuming it would be easier.

    Other reasons for wanting to screen print is that storing the screens would be much easier than storing all those stamps...I could literally keep the screen in a file bin AND the person I have making the stamps has made them backwards the last few times.... I quit putting words on my designs for this reason.

    Love the comments.....keep 'em coming!