Saturday, June 5, 2010


Ryan & Tyler

Ryan, Tyler & Chance

Ryan, Tyler & Chance....again

Ryan, Tyler & last time

Daniel, Ryan, & Adam

Chance, Ryan & Daniel

Ryan & Tyler

I was a chaperone for Ryan's field trip yesterday. When my kids were little I use to go on all the field's a great way to get to know their friends and see them interact (and let's be honest....I am a bit protective and wanted to make sure they were safe). However, as they grow older, I have pulled away from attending every field trip. I went on this field trip last year, too, and had a great time watching Ryan and his friends ride rides until near exhaustion. I love taking pictures of them on the rides to see their facial favorite is the picture above this one.....Ryan looks a little freaked out (as does the poor sweetie behind him).....he only rode that ride once. It was a beautiful fun-filled day for the Holy Rosary students....and their chaperones.

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